About us

Solid foundations

Polryb was founded in 1993, in the village of Maszkowo as a family business, whose founder was Krzysztof Parfianowicz and from the very beginning facility has dealt with the initial processing of Baltic and freshwater fish.

The plant is located a short distance from the ports of Kołobrzeg, Darłowo and Ustka which allowed for the systematic use of the fishing boats currently based there. In the initial period, the plant employed 10 staff members and pursued production, based on its own facilities: production hall, fresh and frozen fish storage, staff rooms and transport.

Conquering foreign markets

In the years 2003 - 2004 the plant made the effort to modernise and adapt to the requirements of the European Union, owing to the SAPARD program. The works were completed in December 2004. It was then when we also obtained the veterinary approval number PL32091804WE authorising us to pursue trade in markets throughout the European Union.

Modernisation continues

Through modernisation, production and storage conditions have been dramatically improved, production lines have been modernised, the necessary equipment has been purchased, staff conditions have been improved, and the means of transport have been partially replaced – we have basically built a brand new plant. After modernisation, it has become possible to engage in mechanised processing of herring, the conditions for the storage of fresh and frozen fish have been created as well as for the production of frozen fish.


In the subsequent years, the plant has regularly adopted new technologies. We have created our own post-production wastewater management system and mechanised the initial processing of trout.

These changes were made possible thanks to the EU grants under the Fisheries Sector Development Program 2007-2013. In 2007, the plant was transformed into Polryb Sp. z o.o., while the company still remains a family business.

Stability and growth

In 2013, the company purchased a neighbouring plot of land which allowed for further expansion of the plant. At present, the plant employs about 50-70 members of staff (variability of employment is dependent upon the season). We continue to run the production of fresh and frozen fish and sell it on both the domestic and foreign markets.

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