About us

The Polryb Company was established in 1993 in Maszków and from the very beginning it has dealt with preliminary processing of Baltic and freshwater fish.

The location of the plant in close proximity to the ports of Kołobrzeg, Darłowo and Ustka allowed us to systematically use the current catches of the vessels based there.


Why us?

Find out why we are the best choice and discover the foundations on which we build our long-term relationship with our clients.

Location close to ports Quick access to fresh marine raw materials allows us to offer the highest quality products.

Modern production lines Efficient and precise fish processing, allows us to deliver fresh products to our customers.

Specialist transport Our specialised transport is the key to reliable and timely delivery of our products.

Many years of experience Many years of experience guarantee customer service based on tradition, development and knowledge of the industry.


Our products are highly valued thanks to modern production solutions and good work organisation formed over many years.


The ecology
of our company

on an annual basis

10 000 kWh

green electricity produced

66 000 m3

treated water
returned to the environment

500 000 m3

roduced biomass
for biogas plants

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